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Why Hire an Adoption Attorney in NC?

No matter what kind of North Carolina adoption process hopeful adoptive parents choose, they will need the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney to legally add a child to their family. Adoption is a complicated process, with many different parties working toward the same goal, and the legal steps involved in protecting each party’s rights and interests can quickly cause confusion and delays if not handled properly from the start.

The experienced adoption attorneys at the Parker Herring Law Group PLLC can help. Whatever kind of adoption process you pursue in North Carolina, our adoption attorneys can provide the legal education, guidance and services you need to safely adopt a child and make your parenthood dreams come true. To learn more about how we can help you complete your adoption in North Carolina, please call our firm at 919-821-1860 or contact us online.

Below, find more information about why a North Carolina adoption attorney is so integral to a successful adoption process.

Why Do I Need an Adoption Attorney in N.C.?

Sometimes, hopeful adoptive parents wonder why a North Carolina adoption attorney is so necessary in completing an adoption process, whether it’s a more complicated infant adoption or a more straightforward stepparent adoption. They often say.

“Why do I need an adoption lawyer in North Carolina?”

“Everyone who’s a party to this adoption agrees on the adoption; it won’t be complicated.”

“It’s just forms. I can get what I need and do it myself.”

However, there are some important things to know. In North Carolina (and throughout the United States) you need an adoption attorney because:

  • There is no “how to” video.
  • Some things are just too important.
  • It is important to get it right the first time.
  • Your child’s future depends upon it.

Trying to pursue a North Carolina adoption without an experienced adoption attorney opens all parties of the adoption up to the possibility of a contested adoption, rights and interests being infringed upon, miscommunication and even a revocation of the adoption after placement. Only an adoption lawyer intimately understands all the nuances of the North Carolina adoption laws and can successfully guide you through them in a way that provides the legal protection you need. Each clerk in each North Carolina county has his or her own procedures. It is true that there are many forms in the process of adoption, and the forms need to be filled out accurately and get approved by the clerk.

What Does a North Carolina Adoption Attorney Do?

An adoption attorney does a great deal more than just filling out the necessary paperwork to complete an adoption. Most adoption attorneys not only provide legal advice but are also there as a support system during your adoption process, explaining your options and referring you to any additional professionals you need to have as successful an adoption process as possible.

When you complete an adoption with our attorneys at the Parker Herring Law Group, you are more than just a client; we understand the importance of your chosen family-building process and will do all we can to make it as positive as possible for you.

Your adoption attorney in North Carolina will:

  • Provide an unbiased explanation of your options;
  • Help you avoid birthparent “scams”;
  • Obtain medical records and other background information;
  • Attempt to obtain birth father relinquishments and DNA;
  • Make an overall plan to provide a secure placement;
  • Explain your rights under state and federal law;
  • Help you assess the risks of various opportunities;
  • And clarify your options for post-placement arrangements.

How Do You Choose an Adoption Attorney in North Carolina?

Just like choosing any other adoption professional, choosing an adoption attorney is an important decision to make. After all, this will be the professional who will protect you from any criminal repercussions during your adoption process and ensure that the child you bring home is legally and permanently yours. A competent adoption attorney can also help you weather the emotional storms of an adoption.

While our North Carolina adoption attorneys can always provide the experience you need for your personal adoption process, we understand that many adoptive parents wish to research several professionals before deciding on the one that is right for them. This is important; you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with and completely trust the adoption attorney that you end up working with.

Here are a few important tips to consider when first researching adoption attorneys in North Carolina:

  1. Contact an adoption attorney early, even before you have committed to a match, to learn more about the attorney and his or her experience.
  2. Understand how the attorney’s fees are structured. Are they fixed or hourly?
  3. Ask about their scope of legal services. Understand what is included and what is not should you choose to work with this professional.
  4. If possible

It’s a good idea to meet with an adoption attorney in person to learn more about their services and ask any questions you may have. Often, these meetings can give a good indication of whether an adoption attorney is the right choice for you and your family. Always ask the adoption attorney how long he or she has been practicing and how many adoptions she or he has handled.

After you meet with an adoption attorney, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Was the adoption lawyer knowledgeable?
  • Did the adoption attorney anticipate potential issues?
  • Was the adoption attorney available and responsive?
  • Did the adoption attorney explain the process so you could understand?
  • Was the staff helpful?
  • Was the fee arrangement clear and in writing?
  • Will the adoption attorney provide a detailed billing statement?
  • Is the adoption attorney and his or her staff accessible after hours and responsive?

How Do I Identify an Experienced Adoption Attorney?

Experience counts when considering adoption lawyers. Because different adoption processes can be complicated, you’ll want to work with a professional who is not only well-versed in the North Carolina adoption laws but is also prepared to handle any complications, miscommunications or delays that may arise during your adoption process.

To determine if a North Carolina adoption attorney can provide the professional experience you desire, look for:

  • Certification in adoption or family law by the state licensing organization.
  • A practice concentrated in adoption or assisted reproduction law.
  • Memberships in professional organizations like the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Attorneys.
  • Ask about the adoption attorney’s experience, including complicated cases they may have navigated in the past.
  • Ask for references of families they have done adoptions for.

If you’re considering an adoption attorney in North Carolina, the Parker Herring Law Group PLLC can help. Our adoption attorneys are experienced in many different adoption processes and are happy to assist you as you legally add a new member to your family. We are the only law firm in North Carolina where one of its lawyers started and is still directing a licensed child-placing agency.  For more information, contact us today at 919-821-1860.