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Facebook Live with E. Parker Herring

Facebook LiveEvery other Friday, adoption attorney E. Parker Herring she shares her insights into the adoption process for 10-15 minutes on Facebook Live.
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“The Seven Things You Need to Know When Selecting an Adoption Agency.”
February 15, 2019

For a list of North Carolina adoption agencies


“Making Adoption Affordable – Ways to Pay For Adoption”
Marchy 1, 2019

Resource links:
Adoption Tax Credit – IRS website https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/nine-facts-about-the-adoption-creditAdoption Tax Credit – NCCA https://www.nacac.org/help/adoption-tax-credit/

List of employers offering adoption assistance http://www.resources4adoption.com/free-resources/financial-resource-overviews/companies-with-adoption-benefits.html

Adoption grants http://fundyouradoption.tv/adoption-grants