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Finding Adoptive Parents in North Carolina for Your Baby

If you are considering adoption for your baby, one of the important things you’ll need to do is find a family to raise your child. As a prospective birth mother, you have the right to select the perfect adoptive parents for your baby, and your adoption professional will work closely with you to make sure you find an adoptive family that meets all of your expectations.

Because this such an important decision in your personal adoption plan, you may worry, “How do I find the perfect prospective adoptive family for my baby?”

At any given time, there are hundreds of parents looking to adopt a newborn in North Carolina and throughout the United States. With the proper help, you can find the perfect ones for your baby.

For the best chances of finding adoptive parents, you’ll want to work with an adoption professional. Adoption agencies and attorneys like those at the Parker Herring Law Group PLLC have a large network of people who want to adopt and can help you in every step of this personal journey.

If you are looking for adoptive parents for your baby, keep reading to learn more about how this process works. When you’re ready to start, you can contact the Parker Herring Law Group PLLC at 919-821-1860.

How to Find Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

If you are a prospective birth mother seeking an adoptive family in North Carolina, there are few steps you will take to find the perfect family for your baby. Remember, an adoption professional can be extremely helpful in assisting you through these steps and giving you a better chance of finding adoptive parents who meet your expectations.

1. Determine what kind of family you want for your baby.

When you choose to place your child for adoption, you will make the decision about which adoptive parents you want to raise them. To do this, you’ll need to consider what kind of prospective adoptive parents you’re interested in.

Your adoption professional will guide you through this process, helping you decide on characteristics like:

  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Location
  • Religious beliefs
  • Lifestyles
  • Personal values
  • Open adoption preferences
  • And more

All of these characteristics will create a profile of the prospective adoptive parents that you are interested in learning more about. From there, your adoption professional will find adoptive parents who meet those preferences, either within their own network of families waiting to adopt or with the assistance of other adoption professionals.

2. View adoption profiles.

Next, you will look at adoption profiles of families waiting to adopt, as provided by your adoption professional. collection of adoptive family photosThese adoptive parent profiles allow you to learn a little bit more about prospective adoptive parents through pictures, written descriptions and maybe even videos. You can be reassured that every adoptive family presented to you by an adoption professional has already been pre-screened and determined safe to adopt.

As you review these profiles, you may find that certain adoptive parents in North Carolina stand out to you. Your adoption professional will answer any additional questions that you may have and, if you wish to participate in a conversation with these parents, will coordinate a phone call or meeting to help you learn more.

3. Get to know the adoptive parents.

Your adoption professional will set up a call or meeting between you and the prospective adoptive parents you are interested in, and they will mediate the conversation between you all. This is a great opportunity for both you and the adoptive parents to get to know each other better to determine if this is a good match.

This first call can be a bit nerve-wracking, but your adoption professional will help you prepare for it. You may wish to write down a list of questions you have ahead of time as a starting point, but let the conversation progress naturally from there. Remember, the adoptive parents will likely be just as nervous as you are. What’s important is that you can feel comfortable and have a genuine connection with prospective adoptive parents in this conversation.

4. Choose a family and start building a relationship.

Many prospective birth mothers can tell after their first conversation whether prospective adoptive parents are the right ones, but it’s okay if you need more time or another phone call to make that decision — or if you know the parents are not the right ones. Your adoption professional will work with you to find the perfect adoptive family, no matter how long it takes.

Once you decide on a match with a family, your pre-placement contact will begin. This will be decided upon before you are even matched, as you will determine what kind of open adoption relationship you wish to have with your baby’s adoptive parents. Pre-placement contact can be anything from phone calls and texts to in-person visits throughout your pregnancy.

If You Have Already Found Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

Sometimes, pregnant women considering adoption already have adoptive parents in mind: perhaps a friend or family member, or adoptive parents that they found through word-of-mouth. This kind of situation is known as an “identified adoption.”

If you are in this situation, you will still need to work with an adoption professional to complete the rest of your adoption process. An adoption agency can provide background screening and contact mediation services, while an adoption attorney like those at the Parker Herring Law Group PLLC can provide legal guidance through the complexities involved with placing a child for adoption.

Start Finding Adoptive Parents for Your Baby Today

Whether you are looking for adoptive parents in North Carolina or elsewhere in the United States, remember that you will always have the right to choose the adoptive family that you believe is best for your baby. This will ultimately be your decision but having a local adoption professional to guide you through this process can be a huge help.

The Parker Herring Law Group, PLLC, is ready to help prospective birth mothers like you find the perfect family for their baby. To learn more today and start your search for prospective adoptive parents, please contact our law firm.