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24May, 17

For many adoptive families, the federal adoption tax credit is an extremely helpful resource to make adoption affordable and provide stable, loving homes for waiting children. By providing a maximum of $13,460 per child, the tax credit helps offset the legal fees involved in the adoption process.

Now the credit is in danger.

In the upcoming legislative budget sessions, Congress is expected to draft and advance major tax reform legislation. Some members of Congress have proposed eliminating almost all tax credits, including the adoption tax credit, which has historically received broad, bipartisan support.

This tax credit has proved to be an invaluable tool that has made it possible for thousands of families to adopt time and time again. In fact, we’ve witnessed this firsthand throughout my career. And now the tax credit may be stripped away, making it harder for other families to adopt.

While we don’t typically do anything quite like this with my clients, this is a critical time for all of us to weigh in with Congress to ask them to save the adoption tax credit. Members of Congress need to hear how incredibly important and valuable this tool is in creating families and providing children loving homes.

If you feel as strongly as we do that we need to do everything we can to encourage adoption and save this tax credit, there are three things that you can join us in doing today to help with this effort:

  1. Share your story with Congress. By going to www.adoptiontaxcredit.org,  you can share your story with your members of Congress and ask them to keep the adoption tax credit so many more families can be helped by this tool. The organizers have done their best to make it easy for everyone to record their story with step-by-step instructions on the website.
  1. Encourage others to get involved. Share this blog post with others who have been touched by adoption and ask them to share their story as well.
  1. Stay engaged. Once you are on the website, please sign up to receive alerts so you can be kept abreast of developments in this effort.

You can contact your congressional representative by finding them on the U.S. Congress website. You can also view this “tweet sheet” with links to the representatives’ social media account so you can contact them there.

Here are some examples of social media posts you can use:

Sample Tweets

  • The adoption tax credit made adoption possible for me and my family. Watch my story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform
  • .@(your Member of Congress) Without the adoption tax credit, I wouldn’t have been able to afford adoption. My story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform
  • For me and thousands of families, the adoption tax credit made adoption possible. Watch my story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform

Sample Facebook Post:  

  • Without the adoption tax credit, I would not have been able to bring home my child[ren]. Watch my story here! [LINK]. Please join me and tell Congress we must save this credit! #SavetheATC #taxreform

Thank you for your consideration.  Never forget how important it is to make your voice heard — we can’t do this without you!

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