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1Jan, 16
divorce custody tender years doctrine raleigh

One of the first questions that parents ask when starting the breakup of a marriage is “What will happen to the children?” It used to be that mothers received primary physical custody of children, especially with younger kids, and the fathers received alternate weekends from Friday nights through Sunday night. The “tender years doctrine” (that the mother… Read More

27Nov, 15
holidays separation divorce raleigh lawfirm lawyer

Once the Trick or Treating of Halloween has ended, many families switch over to full “Holiday” mode with upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays during the Holiday Season. For even the most stable family, this time of year can be quite anxious and busy, but to the newly single, separated or divorced, complete… Read More

10Nov, 15
collaborative divorce raleigh nc family law

No doubt about it, divorce is usually an emotionally and financially stressful process. But it is possible to have a peaceful legal separation or divorce—even addressing alimony, child support and child custody issues—without going to court. Through collaborative law, both parties are represented by their attorneys and agree to resolve their differences out of court,… Read More

9Oct, 15

Why should you hire an adoption lawyer? Because things are not always as they seem, even in the adoption industry. Parents looking for children to adopt can be matched online with a mother who wants to place her child for adoption. There are also online resources for paperwork. So if everyone in the process is in agreement, who needs a lawyer? Besides, lawyers… Read More