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23Sep, 15

When a parent with custody of a child remarries, stepparent adoption is a great (and legal) way for the current parents with custody to form a bond with their child. With a stepparent adoption, your husband or wife can assume all the responsibilities of a biological parent and become your child’s legally recognized guardian. At the… Read More

9Sep, 15

When a parent places a child for adoption with someone (other than a very close relative) who lives in another state, it is called an interstate adoption. Adoptions across state lines must follow the rules in the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. Special rules apply to interstate adoptions. Adoptions across state lines must… Read More

5Jun, 15

No one wants a “War of the Roses” type of divorce, but unfortunately, they can and do happen. These divorces can costs tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. What’s worse is when divorces erupt into major battles that leave both parties—and their families—scarred for years. In almost 30 years of divorce practice, I… Read More